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Channelize Anger to Find Breakthrough

Our society and education works in fun ways; the most funny of all is the way they try to put your mind in a cage made of so-called “best practices”. Take anger for instance, all you would hear about it is bad yet it’s the purest form of emotion, a force equivalent to that of absolute love.

How could you ignore it? What if you learn to channelize it’s raw energy in finding a breakthrough?

I came to appreciate this energy over the years after once stumbling over the channelizing part when I was trying to distract myself from absolute misery. The result was phenomenal. Since then, I introduce mess to the projects all by myself and call it “chaos by design”, the intention is always to make the process agile, to find breakthroughs and insights more quickly rather than waiting on “step-by-step process” to deliver as that linear thinking can actually lead you to a dead end as he says in this talk.

Again, it’s funny how society conditions you to think in just one-dimension, making you oblivious to the the most powerful form of expression.

A must watch talk!


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