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Care For The Other is to Care For Ourselves

Shots of Awe

There was a great essay by Henry wise Meyer called the death of aw in the Age of Awesome. One of the things that he was saying is that our search for the rhapsodic, our search for that sense of humbling in comprehension when we are witnessing, we are beholding something that stretches our mental maps of the possible, that we are losing. That in an age in which the world seems to be served for us packaged and sold as mindless entertainment at any given time, that awesome places, that become load stars the restless mind tells us you know he talks about how reality is coupled to perceptions the knobs and levers of the perception that can be tweaked.

Our pharmacological activity, our drug use, our mediation, the spaces will dwell, the places we go, can induce moment thing cause ontological shifts moments that enlarge and radically reconstruct our perspective. We are these moments of humbling comprehension in which our body mind is decommissioned from the trivial and thrust into the numinous. We become, maybe become, something else. Something happens. We are transformed and you know what happens, empathy goes up, compassion goes up, creativity goes up.

We realize but the older used to say and I have echoed, we thought that we are the captains of spaceship earth and so, what does that mean? Our consciousness is expanded. We sort of moved forward in the sense of what we care about. We start to realize that the character and the care for the other is to care for ourselves and to care for ourselves is to care with each other and if we can turn back those experiences, you’ll be in a better place in terms of the future of sort of entertainment and mind expansion.


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