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Better Language Can Create Better Realities

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One of the things that the psychedelic philosopher Terence Mckenna, used to say is that the world is made of words and if you know the words, the world is made of you. You can make of it whatever you wish. In other words, we come to understand and model reality through symbolic language so that everything ultimately is alphabetic. Everything is a construct of meaning.

This is a wonderful idea actually reminds us of the power of language, to not just shape and inform the world but transform the world in ways that are unfathomable. Everything is alphabetic, everything is intentionality and look at the pyramids of Egypt, look at the skyscrapers, the jet engine, and these are renderings of the human mind. We live inside of the condensation of human imagination that’s what the man-made world is and so, what does this tell us?

It tells us that better language can create better realities.

It was an amazing article in Nautillus magazine about how Shakespeare’s inventive use of language actually stretched the membranes of our minds. Like literally, what he did in terms of how to pattern words is an inventive and elastic use of metaphor literally changed our biochemistry. Does something’s through the to the dopaminergic reward system in our brain by hinting and queuing and building expectation and then delivering on that expectation.

We can measure why his language was so impactful about human beings. Why to this day, we still study Shakespeare? Because his language literally acts as a kind of elasticity that stretches and remodeled and rewires brain. We can learn from Shakespeare and other geniuses of the pen and of the word. The power of oratory language to instruct and build new worlds for ourselves.


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