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All Realities Are Virtual

Jason Silva

Story Highlights
  • Imagination
  • Reality
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness

Our world is already a construction, an “imagination” of how things are at any given moment. This world can be positive or negative and as it’s just an imagination, you have the power to change it at any given moment of time! As an implication, we all live on different tangents of reality, your tangent of reality can be very different from my tangent of reality. Simply sharing the same conscious state does not mean we also share each other’s imaginative worlds [realities] as well.

That brings me to the empathy. Just recently I noticed that, personally, I don’t practice empathy at all. I don’t consider that other’s realities are different and their actions and opinions are based on their own construct and whatever they are saying or doing is 100% right according to their own reality. If they agitate me, I must have been agitating them all along as well.

Empathy seems like a corner stone of happiness along with gratitude. As far as the harmony and relationships are concerned, it seems like the foundation stone.



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