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Alif Allah Aur Insaan Video Song (Full OST)

Shafqat Amanat Ali

The OST of this drama serial is really mesmerizing and its lyrics are heart touching. God is the one and only creator of this universe. We mankind are nothing without our Gods Will. What a beautiful line in this OST that” We believe in GOD but we do not obey GOD”. We make mistakes and sins in our everyday life, but we have only one hope that God will forgive us. If we pray forgiveness, then He is Merciful.

One more added sentence which is enough to strong our beliefs that when we insist to get something, then God make it difficult for us to achieve that so that we can give value to it. It is God who creates difficult situations for His Mankind so that we look upon him and pray from him.

The last part of this OST shows the love and its intensity among humans. When someone falls in love then he realizes that how it feels when something close to us is not in our fate. We fight for it, pray for it and pray for forgiveness. When something seems difficult to achieve we look at our past and recall our sins which create hurdles to get our loved ones. We should have faith that nothing can be achieved without God’s Will. One should take love as the Will of God and again these lines clarifies that “Love is Pray, Love is God’s Will, Love is God’s gift and Love teaches you how to spend life according to God’s Will.”

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