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After The Ecstasy, More Ecstasy!

I think, no one would argue that human beings are fundamentally hedonistic. In other words, we are wired for pleasure, we are wired to seek out experiences that reward us neuro-chemical and to shun experiences that bring us pain, suffering or boredom.

It is said actually, that boredom can lead to incidences of depression and anxiety and un-stimulated subjectivity is a problem for human being. It’s a fundamental miss wiring of our nervous system. Our self systems are like a leaky bucket. No matter how much pleasure we’re getting, we’re bleeding from our many holes and most of us become bliss junkies. We get hooked on the state without ever trying to raise this stage.

Transforming ourselves from leaky buckets into chalices is the key. If we can render ourselves whole and maybe render ourselves wholly, this kind of trend, humanists approach to transforming ourselves become paradise engineers, to bliss ourselves out by transforming our fundamental wiring is seen as heretical by the puritan. There’s a great book called, After the Ecstasy, the laundry which of course uses the rationalist argument that no matter how transcendental certain peak experiences in our lives are, to define what it’s all about, carve our North Star, we should nonetheless get comfortable with the aftereffect, with the come down after the ecstasy, the laundry go back to fetching water and chopping wood.

I’ve always felt what do you do after a mystical experience? What do you do after a cosmic orgasm? What do you do after becoming one with everything, fetching water and chopping wood? and I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t agree with that puritan mindset of accepting that transcendence has to be temporary, that a fundamental wiring requires us to come down from our bliss and our grace and our highs and I propose instead, something like paradise engineering of rewiring our hedonic set points and actually transforming subjectivity to engender a kind of godhood of mind. Pleasures and paradises beyond anything we can imagine. So after the ecstasy, more ecstasy!


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