From Izmir to Selcuk & Ephesus (Efes) – Travel Guide

The best way to visit Ephesus from Izmir

Ephesus (Efes in the Turkish language) is one of the prime tourist destinations in Turkey. The site was built during Roman empire rule and is more than 2000 years old. It features a magnificent stadium (gladiator style), a library which is still well preserved, couple of courtyards and other historic ruins of a city that was once the center of power in the region.

Ephesus LibraryHow to Get to Ephesus from Izmir?

There are a couple of available options, such as you can take the train, bus or a tour. The tours cost around 300 TRY per person. If you are on a budget, a train is the best options to visit Ephesus.

Train from Izmir to Selçuk

Take the overground train from Basemane station (main train station) towards Denizli. The per person ticket cost will be 6.5 TRY. The best time to leave is in the morning as the train will take 1 and half hour to reach Selçuk, it’s a local train and stops at many stations but you usually get a seat.

Transfer from Selçuk to Ephesus

After reaching Selçuk either take a taxi or walk a short distance to the minibus station. The minibus will take 3 TRY, the frequency is every 15 minutes and journey to main Ephesus site is 8 minutes. If you want to walk the distance, it’s nearly 3.8 Km and not advisable if you are short of time.

The minibus drops you at the lower entrance of the Ephesus site, if you make your way to the top and don’t want to return, you will have to take a taxi for 20 TRY that will drop you back at the Selçuk train station.

Cost to Enter Ephesus

There is a ticket sale point right beside the lower and upper entrance, per person cost is 40 TRY.

Best Time to Visit Selçuk and Ephesus

In the morning, take the train departing at least 11:25 or 11:30 from Izmir Basemane station, later than that is not advisable. Do not go in the afternoon!

How Long Will it take?

If you leave Izmir Basemene station at around 11:30, you will only be able to see Selçuk and Ephesus main site. The main site tour will take at least 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on how many pictures you take. If you want to visit other locations like Kusadasi and the Pamucak beach, please leave ample time and go early in the morning.

Be aware if you are using Google Maps!


Ephesus location
Main Ephesus site on Google Maps


If you are using Google Maps to find Ephesus after reaching Selçuk then it can misguide you as Ephesus museum is right in the city and there is another site marked as Ephesus Archaeological site just near the museum. You can obviously visit both of them but they are not what you are looking for! The site you are looking for is Ephesus Antique Theater.


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