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Urdu Column of Saad Ullah Jan Barq میری بیوی کا جواب نیہں

We’re not saying this, it was said in an Indian movie. We do have an answer, an amazing one but…

Saad Ullah Jan Barq: بڑی اتھارٹی کون ھے

This Urdu column by Saad Ullah Jan Barq was published on 20th July, 2017. Read Saad Ullah Jan’s column, بڑی اتھارٹی…

Saad Ullah Jan Barq’s Urdu Column جو ڈر گیا وہ مر گیا

This Urdu column by Saad Ullah Jan Barq was published on 12th July, 2017. A lot is being happening in Pakistan…