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اپنا گھر درست کریں

4.9/5 (10) Khawaja Asif’s statement that we need to straighten up our home is a confession that in 1980s, supporting…

Urdu Column of Najam Sethi پاکستان افغان مسئلے کا حل ہے یا حصہ ؟ Pakistan Is The Solution to Afghanistan Crises

4.85/5 (13) The delayed announcement of Afghan policy of President Donald Trump is very dangerous. During his presidential campaign, Trump…

Urdu Column of Najam Sethi 70 Years of Pakistan ستر سالہ پاکستان

4.69/5 (13) Pakistan is going to accomplish it’s seventy years of being & there’s a voice of change in Pakistan…

Urdu Column of Najam Sethi پاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ کو درپیش چیلنجز Challenges Faced by Pakistan Cricket Board

4.75/5 (8) A TV program analyst had advised the Pakistani cricket team to return home when they faced a defeat…

Najam Sethi’s Urdu Column نئی راہوں پر جادہ پیمائی کی ضرورت

4.79/5 (14) This Urdu column by Najam Sethi was published in Jang News on 9th July, 2017. Read Najam Sethi’s…