Irshad Bhatti


The End of Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari آف شور محبتیں

The way Mian Nawaz Sharif had a weak defense in his financial case of Panama Papers, Imran Khan has a…

3 Wishes of General Bajwa جنرل باجوہ کی تین خواہشیں

When asked if there’s any wish of yours that has not been fulfilled yet?, General Qamar Javed Bajwa smiled &…

Irshad Bhatti’s Urdu Column !ابھی تو پارٹی شروع ہوئی ہے

This Urdu column by Irshad Bhatti was published in Jang News on 17th July, 2017. Same stubbornness & ego is…