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Ayaz Amir’s Urdu Column پاناما کیس کی اہمیت کیا ہے؟ (The Importance of Panama Case)

This case that has created an intense suspense is not of one person or family’s corruption & wrong doings. It’s…

Ayaz Amir: فیصلہ کون نہیں مانے گا؟

It was a very serious situation around Rawalpindi when government was executing the death penalty of Mumtaz Qadri. Prime Minister…

Ayaz Amir’s Urdu Column آخری رسومات

The drama of Panama Papers case in ending. These are just the last scenes of this whole story. A lot…

Ayaz Amir’s Urdu Column رب کی لاٹھي

This Urdu column by Ayaz Amir was published on 12th July, 2017. This seems an act of God that we’re…

Ayaz Amir’s Urdu Column: Decision Time Has Arrived

This Urdu column was published in Dunya News on 5th July, 2017. 10th of July is about to come. Who…