List Of Banks In Islamkot (Sindh)

Islamkot is a small town situated in Tharpakar District of Sindh province in Southern Pakistan. Islamkot is at a distance of 360 km from Karachi. The name of the town is in Sindhi which can be translated as “Islam’s Fort”. This town is famous for its neem trees which can be seen growing freely all over the town. Islamkot is often even called “Neem Tree” because of its characteristic. There are numerous educational institutions in the town specially directed towards the education of young children and multiple educational institutions have also been opened up for girls especially.

This town has equal populations of Hindu and Muslims. A famous Hindu saint was also born in this town. An international airport is under construction in Islamkot under the supervision of Sindh Government as well as the Federal Government,

Below is a list of the banking services available in the town of Islamkot for any kind of financial transactions like sending or receiving money:


Name Branch  Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Askari Bank 317 Plot no 177, Old Password Office, Islamkot 0301-3590149 No

As listed above, the town currently has no available ATM services currently. However as development takes place in the near future it is hoped that more banks will be opened up in the town with active ATM services.

If you are from Islamkot it is requested to kindly share any missing information in the comments section so that others may also benefit from it.


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