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List of Banks in Chambar (Tando Allahyar) ( Sindh)

The word Chambar is a name given to a caste that lives in Sindh. It means to hold on tightly. Chambar is one of the towns of District Tando Allahyar it’s also a Taluka.

Chambar is an ancient city that existed since the rule of Ghulam Shah Kalhoro. Population of city is around 25000 according to the recent study. Prominent castes like Kumbhar, Memon, Khatti, Punjabi, Brohi, Noondani, Dewani, Rathi, Samoo are present in Chambar. Wheat, bananas, wheat and rice are also cultivated there. Since it’s a small ruler town, only few banks are located in Chambar. Below is the list of the banks.

Name Branch Code Address Phone No. ATM
JS Bank 9049 Plot no. 9-12, Survey 53 A/B Magzi Plaza,Chambar, District Tando Allahyar 022-3897033 No
NBP 068 Chambar Branch, District Allahyar 022-897005 No
SAFWCO   Chambar, Tando Ghulam Ali Link, Tando Allahyar, Sindh 022-3897407


HBL 87 C.ScNo. 1610/ 12 Main Hyderabad-Mirpur Khas, Tando Allahyar 022-3891534
MCB 0094 Survey No. 204/2009, Ward -C , Market Road, Tando Allahyar 0223-890019 Yes


Chambar is a small old town of Tando AllahYar District. It’s also a taluka which is need of a proper infrastructure and health care programs, an improvement in Education sector in order to benefit its citizens.

If you belong to the town Chambar, and have information about its Banks their addresses, phone or fax numbers, email ids, please don’t hesitate to share it in the comments box below. So that your fellows could benefit from it.


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