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Shikarpur is one of the little city that lies in the zone of Sindh area. Shikarpur has conductor skimming on the eastern side. This course is utilized for water structure purposes. The Indus River is 29 kilometers far from this city. The stature of this place is 13 meters. It likewise has a railroad station and it interfaces this city towards different urban gatherings of this nation. Sukkur is the nearest of these urban gatherings, well discussing the majority it is 155400. The postal code of this city is 78100. Keepers of this city says that it was made by Kalhora association. Around then this custom was one of the essential line ever and it had this city as the administer point. One of exchange myths says that the city was made by the cousins of Kaolhotras known as the Daudpotas. The city was named after the name nearby known as the interest which in neighborhood tongue is called as Shikar. This city has many made markets which offer various things and are send to various parts of Sindh as well. It was the talup mirs of this place in those days which used to Shikar and after that they names this city as Shikarpur. At this place a broad assortment of sorts of Birds flew and nawabs of that time used to seek after them. This city at back conditions was made the purpose of union of exchange. The import and charge of this place was dependably a tempting sign as the operators of that time were particularly glad of the advance. They tried their best to keep this city encircled in a way that dependably goes into the favorable circumstances. One of the essential markets there is known as Dhak Bazar. Shikarpur after that has been a state of meeting of enthusiasm for a couple of trespassers and various individuals came here and possessed this place. The place has gained till then cash related and budgetary status in Sindh. This was in like way called as the emerald city of south Asia. One of the fundamental go at this place is Bolan Pass. Shikarpur was later made the maker of Brass and metal things. Individuals in addition wore out floor covers, cotton surface and weaving. These things still are made under these business regions. The social event of this place says that it is for the most part overseen by Muslims and has its fundamental foundations for Hindus too. The Baloch and Urdu talking individuals are more in whole and the amount of occupants in Muslims are for the most part Sunni and Shias.

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