English Learning Schools/Centers in Nawabshah

Nawabshah is one of the city that is developed in the region of Sindh province. This city actually comes in the region of shaeed Benazir abad district. It is said to be the headquarters of Shaeed Benazir Abad. The population according to the census is 135131. The total area of this city is 4239 kilometer square. Well the density of this place is 240/kilometer squares. The town that lies between this cities is 4 and are known as Taluka.

The name of nawabshah is is named after syed nawab shah and this person belonged to the rich family. It was in 1912 that he donated this land to the railway station to the British Empire. To give honor to this person they named this city as Nawab shah. On map it lies on the center of Sindh province. By road it takes around 4 hours to travel to Karachi. The city is connected to Karachi through national highway known as N-5. Population of this place is male dominant and it is 749275. People here can work on their English language and raise their standards.

List of English Learning Centers in NawabShah

  1. The City School Nawabshah Campus
    Contact Number: (0244) 330580
  2. Rangers Public School
    Court Rd
    Contact Number: (056) 6789076

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