English Learning Schools/Centers in Naudero

Naudero is also spelled as Nodero. This city is basically a town and it lies under the region of Sindh province. The district in which this town falls is Larkana. The town is well placed with administration and councils dividing the workload. The area also include several small villages and they are all connected through well-made roads. One of the important villages there is Garhi Khuda Baksh.

The town of Naudero is basically very close to the river Indus and has been known well for fertile soil and good irrigation facilities. On the map it is on the northern side of the province. It is well known for producing sugar and selling it throughout Pakistan. It has a factor system as well which is made for production of sugar. The area is well connected through roads which are made by Chinese. It developed in the course of era of Asif Ali Zardari. During his reign this area developed and people level of standards increase with it. Today it holds one of the strongest canal systems. People here can raise their standards by increasing their understanding of English language.

English Learning Schools in Naudero

  1. Bakhtawar Model High School
    Contact Number: 074-4111476

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