Mirpur Khas

English Learning Schools/Centers in Mirpur Khas

Mirpur khas is capital of the Mirpur khas district. It lies in the region of Sindh province. It is said to be the fourth largest city of Sindh province. According to the map this city is very close to Karachi and has its boundaries attached to it. The river Indus flows on the western side of the city. The estimated population as of the census of 2009 was 488590. With that the literacy is on the rise as well touching now to almost 45%. Usually this land is used to farm vegetables and fruits. One of the renowned and famous fruits of Mirpur khas is mangoes. This city is healthy when it comes to producing types of mangoes as they are of hundreds of type. This area is said to be increasing in IT software education plus the business is one the rise as well. The government type is municipal here and the chairman of Mirpur khas is Farooq Jameel Durrani which the vice chairman is Fareed Ahmad. The calling code for this place is 0233. Number of towns that exits in this city is 5. People can raise their living through English language learning. Some of the schools here are:

St. Micheal Convent High School

Mirpur Khas

The City Nursary School MirpurKhas

Mirpur Khas

(0233) 862705


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