Driving Learning Centers in Khairpur

Khairpur is one of the cities that lies in the range of Khairpur district. As shown in the map it is arranged at the edge of Baluchistan province and has its being there since 1931. This city in 1931 was truly solidified by making into a single city. The two consolidated urban groups were Kotri and Mahal Kohistan. Later Jamshoro one of the urban groups neighboring was moreover arranged in khairpur region. Jamshoro was seperated from Karachi area to make it more effective in controlling. Well this doesn’t continued going long when jamshoro in 2004 was made another zone. The total domain of this city is 7866 kilometer squares. The masses according to the assessment board was found out as 2074433 as indicated by 2015 records. Signify number of tehsils that lies in this district are 5 and the code of this zone is 025. This city has people for the most part Sindhi lingo. There second dialect comes as Urdu and later as Memoni language. As demonstrated by the insights held in 1998 there were 98% of the overall public who were conveying in Sindhi tongue. The area covers Johi, Mehar, Khairpur Nathan Shah and khairpur itself. People here need some progress in their life, as they need to propel they require some outside effect on their portals as well, the climate of this locale usually stay hot in summers and chilly in winters however summers continue going for 8 months and winters continue going for 4 months. Well this area needs a significant approach in handling the traffic influx. People can learn driving from centers available. These centers are:

A-Aleena Driving School

Address:l-53, Syed Heights, Block No. 12, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Near Combine CNG Station, Karachi


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