What is Wrong With University of Karachi?

University of Karachi, one of the biggest Universities in Pakistan runs by government has been facing black clouds for a while now. University of Karachi has not only got scratches on its reputation but is going through a financial disaster.

Mainly the university staff and students are deeply concerned about the passing of bill empowering the chief minister to control the public sector universities, to which in response the teaching and non-teaching staff is observing black day and signing petitions against it. On the other hand the whole university is deprived from basic facilities like water and electricity.

What is Wrong With University of Karach

To say the university is actually now a part of “fixed load shedding time”. Adding more to misery, the department of botany lost its enormous floral bank planted for the research purpose and education for all visitors. It contained plants from several areas of Pakistan including northern and were reserved through 16 ton each chillers. Again, due to lack of financial funds the system cannot be kept up-to-date or even fixed. Though, the university is working hard to keep standard by continuously arranging noticeable seminars for the student well fare but some dents cant go unnoticeable.

Is the chaos in the elected government affecting the university or the incompetent and lack of creative management plays its equal role in deteriorating condition of University of Karachi.


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