Top French Language Learning Institutes in Karachi

Following is a list of most popular French learning courses available to the public in the city of Karachi, Pakistan.

  1. Alliance Francaise de Karachi:

Alliance Francaise de Karachi is a non-profit organization, operational since 1954 in Pakistan. Located in the heart of Karachi, a centrally situated Saddar, it has easy access to all. It was established as a center to promote French culture in Pakistan. And it recently celebrated its 60th anniversary of operation. As a part of culture promotion, the center provides French learning courses, with the best teachers, who are French natives sometimes as well. The students also get to see the culture of the country that birthed the language.

  1. National University of Modern Languages (NUML):

National University of Modern Languages has a very long and strong reputation with the people of Pakistan. Ranging from short courses to diplomas and degrees in languages, NUML has established itself as a strong contender in establishing language communications in Pakistan. While it offers a wide variety of language courses, French has always been a popular one. It may be because of a strong image of the French people and their culture.

  1. DCL- DHA Central Library:

DCL is a language course conducting company who, with the collaboration of DHA Central library hold different language courses, namely in Arabic, French & English. They have been conducting these courses since early 2002. The course durations are usually 2 months long. The classes are held twice a week, each class about 90 minutes long.

  1. IBA Summer school:

Although this course is basically conducted by Alliance Farncaise de Karachi, but the premises are in IBA and the students are usually IBA attending only. This exercise is carried out to enhance the exchange of communication between French professors and language instructors and the students of the new generation. The courses are usually conducted in summers so as not to disturb the students schedule. The classes are held thrice a week and timings are in the afternoon. The course is 6 weeks long, but hugely popular and attended by hundred or so students each year.

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