Top Bridal Beauty Salons in Karachi

Weddings have been a long, sensational undertaking in Pakistan. In the middle of the week-long occasion, the gigantic measure of arrangements required for the enormous day and dealing with a great deal of relatives, the weddings end up plainly a long way for the lady of the hour. In this the look of the bride is the primary concern for her. Marriage salons do wonders for the young lady’s enormous day. We observe the top wedding salons in Karachi.

Bina Khan
Situated in safeguard Karachi Beena khan is a standout amongst the most settled cosmetics craftsmen in Pakistan. She is the go-to decision of countless ladies. Not exclusively does Bina Khan’s salon offer first class cosmetics yet the marriage benefits that accompany it are astonishing as well. Charging PKR 35,000 for wedding cosmetics, Bina Khan does both conventional and combination looks easily. Her salon gloats a standout amongst the most prepared and courteous staff nearby, something exceptionally phenomenal in the greater part of Karachi’s salons.

Alle Nora
Alle nora is an across the country mark and their amazing-ness in the salon universe of Karachi is no shock. Its Bridal Package without administrations cost 35,000 PKR in the event that you will take cosmetics administrations from Aliya and 25,000PK from Senior Artist Asniya. Party Makeup has the cost of 15,000 PKR from Aliya and 7,000PRK from senior Artist Asniya. It can be considered one of the best wedding salons.

Depilex is another nationwide known name for their administrations and is a trusted name that numerous Karachi ladies go to. They are cutting-edge and furthermore truly practical. Its Bridal Package will charge you 25,000 PKR in the event that you will take the expertise from Nighat Misbah and 15,000 PKR if staff will do the make-up. Wedding Package with experts will charge you 30,000 PKR (Nighat Misbah) and 22,000 PKR if staff will do the make-up. Party Makeup has a cost of 12,000 PKR (Nighat Misbah) and 7000 PKR if its staff does it.

It is owned by Ms. Saba Ansari. It was propelled in 2001. To give customer fulfillment is their central goal. We have seen that it is one of such wedding salons that will one day get gigantic global and national approval. Best brides turn out from this wedding cosmetics salon. Sabs is a top of the line salon and brags a decent name in the design business also.

Zara’s Beauty Parlor was begun by Rizwana Khan who is notable as best excellence master. She additionally shows up on different TV channels for giving cosmetics and styling tips. Zara’s Beauty Parlor offers best services of cosmetics, hair and nail craftsmanship to add some allure to the women of Pakistan.


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