Some of The Top Wedding Venues In Karachi

A flawless wedding certainly relies on your pocket, the quantity of visitors, the sort of stylistic theme you are going for and above all what you’ll be serving . For the most part, a not bad dinner hall with around 500 visitors will cost roughly 2-3 lacs least nowadays yet for the greatest, sky’s the cutoff.

Wedding capacities are dependably an excessive issue with all the oomph and festivities. Be that as it may, picking the best scene for your enormous day is not a simple errand. From the food to the décor and the lighting to the sound everything makes a difference.

The Court Marquee

court marquee wedding venue

This scene is a perfect decision for a majestic wedding that will be executed in an exquisite way. One of the finest wedding scenes with civilities like security, valet stopping and tasteful designs, The court Marquee is a fantasy wedding setting. Simply take a gander at these lovely pictures and hold your breath.

Courtyard Avenue

courtyard avenue weeding karachi

Blending exquisite and stylish outlining with predominant civilities and unparalleled administration, Courtyard Venues is ideal for Theme wedding gatherings. The setting is popular for its wonderful stylistic theme and regard for enumerating.

Shan-e-Mughlia Banquet

shan-e-mughlia wedding karachi

This remarkably found eatery cum Banquet corridor has quite favor, upscale stylistic theme with Mughlia indications. Flawless lighting all through the lobby while organize improvement is very current as well. Curiously, There is a marriage corridor with a similar name in Model Colony close air terminal as well. Won’t be sufficient for more than 400 visitors and expenses around 2 lacs for an occasion roughly yet it will be an awesome setting for little social affairs if your subject is imperial or Mughal enlivened.

The Dynasty banquet hall

dynasty banquet hall wedding karachi

With a limit of around 1000 visitors and being situated in Clifton settles on Dynasty a mainstream decision for facilitating excellent gatherings. The setting is completely furnished with present day comforts and offers an extensive variety of alternatives to tweak your huge day festivity arranges.

City Lawns

City Lawns wedding karachi

The city grass has the most extreme limit of 700 visitors, strategically placed in North Nazimabad close faiz house transport stop. City Lawn is perfect for weddings, corporate suppers, private meals and shows. City Lawn is cooled and perfect for a wide range of summer and winter occasions.

Blue Moon

blue moon wedding karachi

The karachi Wedding Venue/Shadi Hall “Blue Moon ” has the most extreme limit of 800 visitor, strategically placed at main Sharah-e-FaisalKarachi, Pakistan. “Blue Moon “is perfect for weddings, corporate suppers, private meals and exhibitions. “Blue Moon “ is perfect for a wide range of summer and winter occasions.


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