Not Sure Which Place to Open a Restaurant in Karachi? Read the Article to Get Started

With the success of Kolachi and Barbeque tonight the food scenario of Karachi is at its peak. Many new restaurants have opened up and closed as well. Some do very well and some do not. The main thing besides the taste that makes a restaurant hit is the area it is based in so we look at which is the best place to open up a restaurant in Karachi.

open your restaurant at french beach karachi

According to us the French beach near Karachi is a really good area to open up a restaurant. The area is secluded away from the busy city, it is found somewhere between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point. It is located near to a little angling town referred by local people as Haji Abdullah Goth. French Beach is a rough shoreline with clear waters and the mile-long stretch of silky, powder-white sand slopes. The beach is perfect for surfing amid the rainstorm season, snorkeling and scuba plunging. But remember that guests need to bring their own particular hardware and nourishment and beverage supplies hence the need for a proper restaurant is the most important thing here.

French Beach of Karachi is located half way between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point, is a small fishing village frequented by Karachi’s elite and known to the locals as Haji Ismill Goth. Surrounded by a boundary wall, it offers 95 huts, constructed by the villagers, for rent. The village doesn’t have running water, but has electric power. Its rocky beach and clear waters are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving as well as surfing during the monsoon season. Visitors have to bring their own equipment as well as food and drink supplies.

open your restaurant at hawks bay beach karachi

The French beach can be developed into a very nice restaurants street like the main DHA Karachi area where kolachi is present. Things have not been looking very good in Karachi due to the law and order situation and hence Karachiites would love to have a place to eat out beside the clear waters of the French beach. The resort could hold various other activities as well like water sports and a hotel as well.


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