Live Traffic Situation on Roads in Karachi (Google Live Traffic Map)

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Anonymous57164: What happened at karachi port qasim
Anonymous55554: Sir where is jame ihya ul uloom in pib
Anonymous55125: i need to leave from PIDC to FB Area what route should i take
Anonymous55026: Sharae faisal traffic situation
Anonymous53809: Whats the situation right nowww please tell i need to move
Anonymous53809: Abhi roads khul gae hey??
Anonymous53803: suan hai aag lagi hai kahi jis ki waja say karsaz say shahrah e faisal tk jam hai
Anonymous53682: Hassan square pe traffic hai
Anonymous53665: Nipa sey askari park tak kasa traffic hai abhi?
Anonymous53375: EXPRESS HIGHWAY??
Anonymous53340: @Anonymous50054: plaes informa tion about sarrounding expo center
Anonymous52553: @Anonymous50217: @Anonymous50149:
Anonymous52227: @Anonymous50368:
Anonymous51264: Traffic update for banaras chorangi
Anonymous51241: @Anonymous48161:
Anonymous50975: @Anonymous50217:
Anonymous50949: what is the condition of shah re faisal today ?
Anonymous50832: Shahrah e faisal traffic situation
Anonymous50895: @Anonymous50682:
Anonymous50865: Shahrah e faisal traffic situation
Anonymous50864: @Anonymous50734:
Anonymous50734: what is the condition of shah re faisal today ?
Anonymous50682: Shah re faisal road pls
Anonymous50569: Garden road
Anonymous50368: Saddar is jam
Anonymous50368: Saddar is jam
Anonymous50217: What's the update on Shahrah-e-faisal
Anonymous50149: Is there aby traffic on aladin road?

Karachi is the capital of Sindh province of Pakistan & the most busy city of the country. With a population of more than 200 million, the traffic on the roads has gone insane. Traffic jams & road blocks have become a usual thing.

The Google Maps traffic update lets you figure out the best route you should take when in Karachi. The Red lines on roads show the traffic load & the green lines show that you can take that route.

We hope this helps the people stuck in traffic in Karachi.


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