Life Under A Flyover

The long hard concrete dusty flyovers, are observed to be a total mess as they are completely built. The open spaces under these flyovers, soon turn into a dumping yard, or an encroachment zone as soon as the construction work is settled.

Flyover, have always been an alternative way to enhance the probability of a city with redefining the roads to be much accessible. Flyovers, have somehow played an extravagant role in relocating remote distances and somehow reduced travel times.

Life Under A Flyover.

This is at some point a positive phase of this massive development but on the other hand these flyovers are the main cause of most disability in planning of the city in terms of growth as well as traffic.
It is fairly noticed that as soon as they are built, people scrolls into these open spaces converting them into encroachment zone, or parking areas or dumping yards.

Flyovers specifically describe the credibly of one city towards development. If a city has flyovers, it is said to be qualifying some milestones towards it modernity. Nevertheless, in elusive ways it encourages an open space for some homeless dwellers able to spend their night under, beggars and hawkers to retrieve their businesses.
Moreover, this has now become a zone to accelerate extortions by allotting these spaces to vendors and encroachers.

The massive flyovers along Shahrah-e-Pakistan also exhibit the same issues. The roads moving by Aisha Manzil Chorangi to Water Pump primarily has became a hub of mass traffic and congestion. Below them, remains extended encroachment of Motor Services.

Withstanding to this, the spaces alongside Liaqatabad Flyover, is a major dumping zone of Karachi. Increased encroachments, hawkers cart by the market place are the major issues Life Under A Flyover..that diffuses these areas from being established.

Karachi, is day by day said to be stepping itself towards growth, but these are some of the basic drawbacks that are needed to be fixed in the city.


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