Karachi’s History Left to Rot!

Karachi has always been one of the main commercial hub of the country. Even at the time of the British rule, Karachi was termed as the central zone of economic activity. Over the years, it can be observed that the city is collapsing day by day. The major historical sites of the city are said to be corroding. The city has always been contoured with heritage sites. These heritage sites consist of residential, auditoriums, libraries, hospitals, churches, schools etc. built during the early British period.

Some of these precious buildings are still preserved and been protected under government policies. These include:

Karachi's History Left to Rot!

The Mohatta Palace Museum

One of the most luxurious mesmerizing infrastructures known in Karachi. This palace had been open up and protected by the government, to people to regain their theories about the culture of Sindh, its history, and the textile exhibits.

Frere Hall

Frere Hall

Frere Hall is indeed the most iconic building, built during the British era. After the British rule the hall was converted into a library but now is being covered up with dust and left to corrode.

Empress Market

Empress Market

An imperious infrastructure that was once the central zone of British colonies. Hundreds of people were slaughtered under this mysterious roof, now had turned into a main central zone of Karachi. The first ever super market system was proposed through this market that had now turned into a sprawling congested zone. And it is further being degraded by not being looked after by the government.

More than a decade old infrastructures of this city are now the target of physical and social repercussions. Unfortunately, today this cultural hub is being demolished or being replaced by high rise apartments. According to the government policies, the sites that are being conferred as “protected heritage” cannot be demolished unless it is not safe for living. Nevertheless, private bodies and unions are exploiting these infra-zones from inside. By burning them or breaking them, so that they are contented as “not for living’ and replaced by some modern interventions.

Nevertheless, efforts are being made in order to protect these pieces of history. Multiple, campaigns are taken up to preserve these heritages and their history for our future generations.


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