Karachi Has Now Become The Driest Most Populated City Of The World

Karachi the mega city is light has now become the most populated dense cities of the world. Withstanding to being the center of economic activities of the country it is also the city of migration. Day by day as the city in expanding vertically as well as horizontally, the city has become a major target of devastation and degradation. The land use is been violated to its highest extent Major Green zones are being demolished and are being replaced by tall sky scrapers.

Karachi Has Now Become The Driest Most Populated City Of The World

Karachi has now become the driest most populated cities of the world. The increasing urban sprawl in the city has now started to target the major forests of the city, as we seek through the map of the city, a drastic change in the number of trees can be observed. Even the amenities of the have been diminished and not much of green belt is left in the city. And this has ended up increasing its temperature, causing scarcity of water and alluring lesser rainfall in the city.

Karachi Has Now Become The Driest Most Populated Cities Of The World

The instant increase in heat wave, can be the major cause of pollution that can no way to dispose itself. Nevertheless, in order to overcome this issue, people are tempting to buy air conditions which has somehow made the scenario worse.

However, in order to fight pollution, heat wave the best solution is to plant more and more trees in the city. Trees properly place near every building might reduce air conditioning need up to 30%.


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