How to Get Driving License in Karachi

Driving license is a very important document for all the drivers. As per the surveys issued by the experts, there are 3.8 million enlisted autos and bikes in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi yet just 1.2 million have driving permit. Karachi Traffic Police has over a period of time warned drivers and motorbike riders to get their substantial driving permit, to keep them under check as indicated by the law. Below are easy steps to get you driving license.

  1. Download and Print the Medical Fitness and Driver’s License Form from our Download page.
  2. Glue 2 international ID measure photos to your therapeutic wellness and application shape
  3. Append a duplicate of your National Identity Card.
  4. Append Medical Fitness Certificate. Which will be directed by a Medical Doctor at our Branch?
  5. Append your Original Learners Driving Permit
  6. Pay the Applicable charge at the closest mail station. See the Fee Schedule for more data.
  7. Purchase and study “The Highway and Motor Code”.
  8. Touch base at the Branch of your territory and go to the data work area to get your papers checked.
  9. Take after the guidelines given by the data work area.


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