How Confidence Fluctuates At University Of Karachi

Pakistan is the 33rd largest country possessing 5 provinces in total (included Jammu-kashmir as well). The largest city of Pakistan is Karachi and University Of Karachi is biggest university established in 1951. The university has over 53 departments and has set a specific quota for students of different domicile. The diversity can easily be spotted among the students but being a part of such huge university, students there hardly have any balance or solidarity among them.

We have a common perception about government institutions quality because it is public and students belonging to all social stratification are welcomed then it must have low quality and we are also aware of infrastructure. Through years University Of Karachi have been successful in maintaining reputation for quality education but the hidden truth is all departments are not as much honored as others. The university staff is not to be blamed here but the ignorance of society about knowledge and scope.

At majority the confidence at University Of Karachi fluctuates depending on the department and language. Particularly the departments that got recognizable scope or we must say scope society is aware of, students got confidence and the rest say with low voice to what departments they belong to and is blank when the question of scope is raised. This largest university is also the place where students of different regions are dominated by students fluent in english.

Confidence is an issue not getting enough attention.The higher institution are supposed to groom young people of all race and ethnicity, even departments and prepare them for capital productivity and well-being but these institutions fail to eliminate inferiority among students.

Here is a reality check people, no department hold any inferior or superior in standard. These standards are only made up in our minds. Society is not supposed to give you the scope of your academic field but the young minds should be trained to apply that knowledge anywhere suitable and expand the scope. Knowledge is the key, it would open doors. The students must of all departments should hold pride in the knowledge learnt everyday in class. Be an expert in your field knowledge, be confidence to pass on the knowledge that you’ve acquired.


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