History Of SSP Rao Anwar & Details of His Suspensions

Ex SSP Malir Rao Anwar just got suspended under the order of CJP and he ordered for his arrest as well for the Extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsood. He has been put under suspension for the fifth time when last four times he justified himself and came back to his position in the department.

History Of SSP Rao Anwar & Details of His Suspentions arrest


Let’s take a look at the history and check see the whole background of Rao Anwer.

Start of Police Career

Rao Anwar’s police career started in 1981 as a clerk under SP Harbour. harbor area was also called Kimari. Right from the very first day Rao Anwar started working and tried to be recognized by the seniors. All this effort really made him very efficient, and very next year in 1982 he was promoted and posted as an ASI.

First promotion to ASI after one year of Service

Rao Anwar was promoted to ASI in 1982 very next year when he started as a clerk of SP harbor. During his service, his first and most important task was to make elites and seniors happy in order to grow faster. And to do this Rao Anwar went out of the way to get his assigned task done in any case official or unofficial both to make seniors and other important people happy.

He was so smart that he managed to get good relationships with many influential personalities in the society like Madam Noor Jahan who called him Her Foster Son. And he really cashed that relationship for the growth in his career. During same time when Pakistan Peoples Party was in the Government, some boys from People student Federation (PSF) were arrested and Benazir Bhutto tried to get them bailed out and they were looking towards Rao Anwar who really knew how to cash the moment. After the release of those students, his career started to grow very faster and that was what he always wanted for.

Man Behind The Operation Karachi Against MQM

Rao Anwar was the main person after Major General Naseerullah Babar who was the mastermind and actual executor of the operations, he was leading the operation under Naseerullah Babar. With the support of PPP’s Senior leadership and Maj General Naseerullah Babar, he considered himself to be on a killing spree against MQM. This whole operation was named “Operation Karachi (Clean UP)”. In this operation total number of MQM workers killed by Police, Rangers, and Pakistan Army was more than 25000. Rao Anwar really did his part in the operation against MQM along with other 198 police officers that took part in Operation Clean up Karachi. And the worst part was all the people and workers of the part who were left alive knew each and every police officer who took part in the operations and killed other MQM workers. So people in the party grew hatred against police officers after that operation

Very Lucky among Other 196 Dead Police Officers

In next elections MQM take the majority seats and they managed to make government in Sindh province and take control of the city of Karachi. Then MQM took revenge from police officers and they started killing them one by one until they killed all 196 police officers only 2 officers were left alive Rao Anwar is one of them, and the other one is Commander Sarwar. The reason he was alive was that he got himself posted to Islamabad and lived with very high security until MQM government was gone in Sindh and again PPP made the Government.

Promoted to DSP

Rao Anwar left Karachi and lived in Islamabad for whole five years and came back to Karachi after the death of Benazir Bhutto when PPP managed to make their government. when he got back he was promoted to DSP. And again he started making his seniors happy.

Posting in Malir SSP

He has been posted to Malir for last 12 year and recently before he got his suspension he was doing his duty as an SSP Malir. During his whole career especially in Malir was very controversial and he was suspended from his position for four times before this incident of Naqeebullah Mehsood. But every time Rao Anwar came back to his position after few days. he was questioned every time by the investigators and every time he was ended up not guilty and get back to hi position. The reason behind that was Rao Anwar is very influential personality and has connections and good relationship with decision makers. He has been saved until now due to these good relations. But this time it seems like he is in really Hot water after extrajudicial killing of innocent Najeebullah Mehsud, which he claims that is the facilitator and head of the organization in this region for TTP. This time he refused to appear in court and ignored court orders. And SC ordered for his arrest on January 21st, 2018.

History Of SSP Rao Anwar & Details of His Suspentions investigation



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