Good News For Karachites as Edhi Foundation And Careem Partners!

Edhi a truly non-profit in nature organization, which has commiserated with many in their times of grief and helped them out in emergencies with its tremendous services to humanity, specially its ambulance services which has proven to be the best during many incidents. Edhi ambulance service is now partnering with automobile giant company Careem to provide an app-based, ready to go ambulance service.

Good News For Karachites as Edhi Foundation And Careem Partners

With this service you can now call for any ambulance with the same process you ordered a cab. You can order it by going to the “Ride Later” option, booking the ambulance for-God forbade if someone dies and you have to transfer the corpse, or in situations like when labor is due for pregnant ladies and all those patients which are non-critical.

Good News For Karachites as Edhi Foundation And Careem

The customers will add the information about to and from e.g. from home to hospital or hospital to hospital. The user will get an immediate confirmation message about the ambulance driver and time to arrive. Careem’s PR officer Sibatin Naqvi met with Faisal Edhi current C.E.O and son of the great Edhi sb signing an M.O.U according to which the customers are not bound to pay a single penny for calling the ambulance. Faisal Edhi said:

We are working on a plan to embrace modern technology to improve efficiency and accessibility as our services deal with sensitive and emergency issues. the world was hanging around the internet and we cannot remain isolated especially when citizens unfortunately do not have access to basic health care facilities, meant to be provided by the State. Careem has partnered with our foundation and it will give us the chance to further optimize our services with the use of technology and enhance connectivity for the benefit of under privileged

The service is introduced at Karachi for now.

This is a very impressive initiative of Careem and Edhi, by which the time and location ambiguities will be reduced and a fog that was there in the past during the reaching time of an ambulance will be removed as you will be able to track the location of your ambulance. Things will get pretty optimized and centralized.
It will be easy for Careem to provide swift and escalated services with the app already available in many cities of Pakistan now in Quetta as well. We all hope that this service gets affluent and well to do. After the Careem breaches case this is a really positive initiative that Careem can do to mend their defame.


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