English Learning Centers in Karachi and Their Contact Numbers

Karachi is one of the leading city of Pakistan, infact the most populace city of Pakistan. Firstly it was the capital of Pakistan but later it was dropped and Islamabad was made the capital of Pakistan. According to a report it has 6 districts that resides within its range. The mayor of Karachi is Waseem Akhtar. The deputy mayor is Arshad Vohra. It is also considered as the fourth most populace city in the world. It is connected to Arabian Sea and holds one of the biggest ports in the world which are known as port Qasim and Port of Karachi. The population of this place is 27506000. Karachi is considered as the land of opportunity and has coined its name over time. There are many opportunities in terms of trading and import and export plus there are many multi national and local firms which gives the vital opportunity for people to survive and live a healthy life. It is considered as the largest city when it comes to Muslim world. In today’s time it holds around 1 million afghan refugees and around 2 million Bangladeshi immigrants.  It also holds around 400000 Myanmar people. So with such a big population people should try to raise their standards and they can do it by learning English language. Some of the English learning centers here are:

  • Domino English Learning Centre

4.5 (4) · English Language Instructor

(021) 36827161

  • Anglophile English Learning Centre

4.4 (5) · Educational Institution

(021) 37641352


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