Easy Steps to Get Learning Driving License in Karachi

Driving license is the basic requirement for all the aspiring drivers. According to the estimations issued by the specialists, there are 38 lacs or 3.8 million enrolled cars in the most busiest city of Pakistan, Karachi, yet only 12 lacs have driving license. Karachi Traffic Police has completely alerted all kinds of drivers and riders to get their considerable driving licenses.

  1. As a matter of first importance, download and print Medical Form and Learners License Form.
  2. You ought to have 2 visa measure photos with you, one for medicinal and another for application frame.
  3. Append duplicate of your ID card with shape.
  4. Visit closest branch of Passport Office and contact data work area for the checking of your archives.
  5. Submit required charges to the closest Post Office.
  6. Perused Highway and Motor Code.
  7. Show up before Medical Officer for Medical Examination.
  8. Get your photo taken.
  9. Presently after the entire system, get your Learners License.

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