English Learning Schools/Centers in Jamshoro

The city of jamshoro is resided in the province of Sindh, basically it is a district and Jamshoro is the headquarters for it. Jamshoro shares its borders with Karachi on the south but it is still to develop a lot. With that said it has a very long campus for university residents which consists of about 18 kilometers. On the right side of the city it flows the indus river. The city is well known for Sindhu University and has established overtime. It is also a gateway towards the indus river. It is rich is culture and it is one of the best sites to live for locals. It has Ranikot fort and it is located 40 kilometers away from this city. It also have Kirthar and Laki ranges. The Mancher Lake on the western northern side of the region is basically a fish farm. This is one of the areas that also has helped people to connect with Mohenjo-Daro. This make it also one of the wanting archaeological site. Things are getting very effective with time as people are getting more aware and they are raising their standards as well. Due to different farms fish farming is very common and earns revenue for the people of this place. Moving further people here can learn English language and can make a good fortune for them as well. They can go to centers for English learning some of these centers are:

Pakturk International Schools & Colleges

PakTurk International School LUMHS Branch, Jamshoro

Cadet College Petaro

Cadet College Petaro, District Jamshoro, Sindh


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