List Of Banks In Jacobabad (Sindh)

Jacobabad is a town located in Sindh which has an administrative status of a District. Jacobabad has a population of nearly 1 million inhabitants according to the population consensus survey of 2017. The area has a very unique name as it is named after an East India Company officer, Jacob. Majority of the people living in the city are Sindhis with Sindhi as the major spoken language.

Jacobabad has a very harsh hot desert climate and very cold winters. In summers the highest temperature recorded has been as high as 52.8 degree Celsius whereas -4 degree Celsius has been recorded in winters. The main source of income for the local population is agriculture with rice being the major crop. Locals are also engaged in manufacturing of carpets and wooden toys etc.

For financial transactions, the following banks are available in the area:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Habib Bank Limited 0071 Quaid-e-Azam Road, Jacobabad 0722-653977 Yes
Allied Bank Limited 0119 Ward No. 4, Tower Road, Jacobabad 0722-653914 Yes
National Bank of Pakistan 0086 Main Bazaar Road, Jacobabad 0722-421203 Yes
United Bank Limited 494 Minarah Road, Jacobabad 0722-650752 Yes
Muslim Commercial Bank 0081 Grain Market, Tower Road, Jacobabad 0722-654593 Yes

This is the list of banks present in the Jacobabad. Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash services are also available in Jacobabad

If you’re from Jacobabad & can share more information like of any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please leave a comment so others can also benefit from it.


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