English Learning School/Centers in Jacobabad

Jacobabad is also known as Khangarh, it is one of the cities that is located in Sindh province, Pakistan. The city is very well crafted and also has a rich history. This city is on the northern and western side of the province of Sindh. Moreover it also shares border with Baluchistan. This city is also equally divided so it can be run on the fairest of ways. The city is divided into 8 main councils which further have roots inside many other clans. The area is close to the boundary of Baluchistan province so they speak a mix of languages there. It is usually known because it also serves as the junction point of the railway track as well. It has a very sound railway station there too. The city history says that it was established by jacb who was in the East India Company. The officer named this city. It was the time of 1812-1858. He was an engineer and it served for this city. Well people can further improve on it by increasing their standards of living. They can go and visit English learning centers to better know about this language. Some of the English learning schools here are:

Victor Public Higher Secondary School

+92 300 317979

Govt Girls High School, Jacobabad

+92 336 3631325


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