Top Driving Learning Centers/Schools in Hyderabad and Their Contact Numbers

Hyderabad is one of the fourth city in terms of progress and population in Pakistan. It is rich in history as well, it was in 711 AD that Muhammad bin qasim came from Arab and invaded Sindh and made Sindh the building block of Islam where Islam was in progress. Usually it was a Buddhist place and later after raja dahir was defeated people mostly converted to Islam.

It was found by mian Ghulam shah Kalhoro when the Kalhoro dynasty was in progress back in 1768. Later his son known as sarfaraz khan in 1782 made it into a more disciplined civilization. It was declared as the heart of this dynasty. The city also have sufism here where Uch Sharif is still followed and people go for it. It was also declared as the capital of Sindh from 1947 till 1955. The concentration of Muslims here are 94% and for Hindus it is 5% while other people are only 1%. Well this city can work on further and gets the training over traffic rules and regulations.

List of Driving Schools in Hyderabad

  1. DSP Car Driving School
    Shelter Shopping Mall
    Contact Number: +92 22 2784483
  2. Subhan Allah Driving Training Center
    Contact Number: +92 22 2652222

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