English Learning Centers/Schools in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the cities that is located in Sindh province. According to the forum it is considered as the fourth largest city of Pakistan. In terms of province it is the 2nd largest city in Sindh. On the map of Pakistan it is located on the south eastern side of the province. People here are mostly Sindhi speaking. Within the city it is very well balanced and there are 5 major towns that resides within this city. There are almost 20 councils that are responsible in running the know how of the city. The government type is municipal and its current mayor is Tayyab Hussain and the deputy mayor of the city is Mehmood Mashadi. The total area of this city is around 3198 kilometers square. The elevation is very much low with the 13 meters mark. The total population of this area is around 3429500. Usually in accent they follow the hyderabadi dialect. The area code of this city is 022. Moving head people need to understand that they need to progress towards learning of English language and in this way they can better communicate and interact with each other. Some of the schools are:

Madina Foundation High School

Private High School

Pakistan · +92 22 3866511

Open until 8:30 PM

Domino English Learning Center

Educational Institution

Hyderabad, Pakistan · +92 22 3817792 ext. 3817793


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