Visiting Ghotki? Here Are Best Restaurants To Dine-In

Ghotki is located in Northern Sindh. Ghotki is known for its mango plantations, abundant date trees, sugarcane and cotton.Ghotki famous and delicious sweet is Paira.

Most of Ghotki’s restaurants are in the bazaars and they serve delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner and specialize in making tea.Some of the best restaurants of the town are listed below.

Shelton Hotel and Restaurant

It is one of the famous restaurant and hotel in Ghotki.It is a good quality hotel, equipped with meeting rooms and open terrace. Hotel offers good rooms and all types of Pakistani foods with delicious taste.

Awaami Hotel

It is one of the casual restaurant in Ghotki which servers one of the best Bbqs.The tea served here is also very famous.You will definitely enjoy your meal here.

Ambassador Inn

Ambassador inn serves one of the best food of the town.The taste is fingerlicking and the ambience hits the mark.The quality of food is also just perfect.

Galaxy BBQ and Grill

The restaurant specializes in best bbqs.The environment is clean and spacious.The staff is cooperative too.You will have an amazing experience trying out food here.

Green Hotel

It is also a local restaurant with good seating arrangements.The standard of food is also good. Desi food items are provided here.

Other than these restaurants there are street hotels which also offers savoury food.So enjoying the appetizing local food while exploring the city’s attractions .


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