List Of Banks In Raharki (Sindh)

Raharki, a village in Sindh is located about 5 miles away from Daharki. The village is growing rapidly with an impressive literacy rate and better infrastructure. The river, Mahi Wah passes through the mid of the city. The celebrated saint Satram Das’s shrine is located in the village which attracts thousands of devotees from around the world every year.  A reverent crowd of worshippers celebrate Sant Satram Das anniversary every year in the month of October.Diverse tribes of Hindus such as Rid, Rahar, Bhaya, Bhatti, Dhondhu, Kumbhar, Rathore, Sameja, Khatri and Muslim reside together in peace and harmony.

One of the 50 largest fertilizer producers in the world, Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd. is based within the territory of Union Council Raharki. Villagers lacks proper wellness programs

The residents earn wages through agricultural, government and private jobs.

Below is the list of banks located in Raharki for transferring or receiving money, take out loans or for cash withdrawals.

Name of Bank Branch Code Address Phone No. ATM
National Bank of Pakistan NBP 0118 National Bank, 1. Near M.C Ghotki 2. Devri Road, Ghotki 0723-681989 Yes
Summit Bank       — CS # 395 & 407, Muhallah Machi Bazar, Opp Sarkai Bagh 0723-681571-73 Yes
Meezan Bank 9832  Plot of Land Bearing Survey No.10, Situated at Deh Odharwali Tappo Ghotki Taluk 723-600134036 Yes

Above mentioned is the list of Banks in town. Raharki is growing fast but the town still lack basic facilities such as health management programs and other public services.


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