Driving Learning Centers in Dadu

Dadu city lies within the boundary of dadu district, setting itself as the headquarters of the city. It is one of the town that is located in Sindh province on the western side of the province and ads to the border with Baluchistan. This is basically a town which contains within itself 5 tehsils and has been sub-divided into three unions. Administration has to take part in creating stability and to do that they have based camp system in city to handle the issues and listen to queries regarding it. Sindhi is one of the widest spoken language spoken there and it consists of 98% speaking it. Dadu is very well equipped with nice road linkages towards every single city and district. The political scenario bases as Pakistan people’s party is handling the area with majority people’s party supporters. Talking further about roads, Karachi and Hyderabad are directly linked with the city through a highway known as the Indus Highway. Which is names as N-55. Though people can work on learning driving through driving centers. Some of these centers are:

Maryam car driving school, ahmadabad road Dadu


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