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This Time A Bangladeshi Man Committed Suicide In Front Of Kaaba!

A few days ago, the news took us all by maddening grief and sorrow saying that a man committed suicide in masjid e haram, in front of Kaaba. He was reported to be a French national a video was out of him climbing the grill of the roof and just flying down like a crow who doesn’t wishes to fly anymore. It was such a shock to all the believers as something so haram was done somewhere which is the origin of declaring it. There was no reporting of mental health or any issues that the man faced.

The astonishment was still there buried somewhere in the heart when another news of a Bangla man jumping to death was spread. He jumped from the first floor on a Nigerian person who got injured real bad when the person fell on him. The person died while he was being taken to the hospital. He committed suicide while the last traweeh of the month was being conducted. Its just so phenomenal.

The point is that, it is not something to be ignored or to be taken for granted. We as believers of a beautiful and peaceful religion find Makkah as a source of light, as a band aid put on the deep cuts of hearts, as a healing of the sorrows. We have Iman that ALLAH is the one, the Omnipotent He is the controller, if He put us in situation He will give us the strength to bear it. When the tough gets going, if we find our selves stuck, we go to Makkah, to be more near to him, to pray, to tell, to get washed from our sins. It is so sad to think about the situations of the people who did this, of how they thought about dying, getting all these rushing thoughts like maybe it was like they wanted to die because they did not want to go back, maybe it was some kind of hallucination situation that they were feeling, some mental disease, maybe guilt or maybe they considered it as an easy way out that they were some kind of martyrs. Whatever it was, it is just not right.

If we think it as internationally, it is really not giving the right picture of Islam, people ending there lives in front of Creator, so that He may know what pain they were in. Depicting that maybe, people are not satisfied with Islam and these two incidents happening in a row is more complicated as it seems like a ripple which is really scary. So, if you see this tendency, this stupid bravery of quenching one’s own life in someone report it as soon as you found it. It is loud and clear that these mental situations are not a joke. It is sad that people now-a-days are becoming stressed. We should all be open ears to people like these before they do something so loud so out of control that it almost feels like a solemn ritual.


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