Baking/Cooking Centers in Wazirabad

As showed by the 1998 assessment, the area has a masses of 2,232,992 of which 22.84% are/were urban. The name Wazirabad was at first Okanwala from the name of wild plant. Wazirabad District is a locale of Punjab, Pakistan. It is arranged on Multan Road around 110km from Lahore. The Hindus and Sikhs of Wazirabad expected to leave their inherited homes and move to India in the midst of package while Muslims from East Punjab moved to this zone. Wazirabad had an immense Punjabi Hindu and Sikh masses isolated from the Muslim before the bundle of India in August 1947. The present essential city was delivered by the British Raj in six squares and each one of the houses in pieces were sketched out in a same shape and sizes, this superbly made town organizing is even never been seen the present life. . One can find archeological remains of different conventions of antiquated circumstances, Indus human advance, Persians, Sultanates, the Mughal Empire, the Sikh Confederacy and the British Raj. The locale of area Wazirabad is the gold burrow for history searchers, extraordinary and curious voyagers. Wazirabad District is notable for its ready grounds, peaceful normal territory and green fields of potato, sugarcane, wheat, rice and maize crops. Oranges and Mangoes ranches are acclaimed. The district Wazirabad has a total scope of 4,377 square kilometers and includes three tehsils. The Indian periphery in like manner lies on the South-Eastern side of the area. District Wazirabad is constrained on the East by Kasur range, Sahiwal and Gujranwala located on the West, sialkot and Faisalabad areas on the North and Bahawalnagar district on the South. Many development programs are taking place there such as building of roads and hospitals. Some of the baking and cooking schools are:

    Address: Main G.T road, Wazirabad.
    Contact: 0321-7618762
  • ITHM
    Address: Mughal colony, Wazirabad.
    Contact: 0324-6754103

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