Wah Cantt

Cooking/Baking Classes in Wah Cantt

Wah cantt is a very small city that is nearby to Taxila. It is also known as the archaeological ground for many rich cultures. The name turn out to be WAH when during the Mughal era Jahangir stayed at the village of wah. This place was originally called as Jalal Sar and it also links the areas towards the Kashmir side. This place is very pretty in nature and has eye catching areas. The word Wah means WOW that is something expressed through voice in a positive way. The city also has some prominent gardens known as wah gardens. The city has a very historic background as the it was made into Wah Cantt in 1951 where most army weaponry and had their ordinance factory in the Wah village.

Some of the cooking schools located in this city are:

  1. Cooking house
    Address: House 327, Sawan Rd, Wah Cantt, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 323 5045013
  2. The cooking school
    Address: Wah Cantt, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 51 2354336
  3. Cooking and baking with chef amir
    Address: G-9-3, G-9, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 333 5558226

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