English Learning Centers/Schools in Vehari

Vehari is one of the city that is situated in the southern side of Punjab area. It is close to the considerable city of Multan. It is arranged out and about known as the multan-delhi street, that is one of the most seasoned streets ever landmass. This street was made by Sher shah suri. It has diverse flow as the city is old and certain creating places are being executed in the city, the new government has considered that this city can be utilized as a base of exchanging the products to adjacent regions of Multan and different zones of Bahawalpur. It is near waterway Sutlej and it upper zones likewise incorporate the cholistan abandon. Some of the English learning schools here are:

  • The City School
    Address: Mailsi-Vehari Rd, Vehari
    Contact: (067) 3365551
  • Intellects English Learning school
    Address: 72-L Old Laiba Academy Faisal Town Vehari.
    Contact: (067) 3363040

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