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List of Banks in Kamalia (Punjab)

Kamalia is a town located in the Punjab province in Pakistan. Kamalia is located between the town of Pir Mahal and the city of Sahiwal. The town of Kamalia is famous for its production of handmade clothes all over Pakistan. Handmade clothes produced in Kamalia are bought and are in-demand all over Pakistan. Other than this, Kamalia is also famous for its okra production. Kamalia also has a zoo and a sugar mill located inside the town premises. Other than cottage industries, the town also has many poultry farms. Other than all these factors of economy agricultural business also has a strong presence in Kamalia. The town is blessed with fertile soil and favorable weather conditions. Numerous lush, green fields can be found in Kamalia.

Below is a list of the available banking services in the town of Kamalia for any sort of financial transactions like sending or receiving money:

Bank Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Availability
Soneri Bank 0458 Property No: 875/1202/D, Mohallah Naziabad, Kamalia 046-3411405-6 Yes
Habib Bank Limited (HBL) 117 City Branch, Railway Road, Kamalia 046- 3412475, 046- 3413575 No

All the available ATM services in the area of Kamalia have also been listed above for the utility of anyone in the area.

If you are from Kamalia, it is requested to kindly share any missing information like missing phone numbers or any other bank in the area in the comments section below so that others may also benefit from it.


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