Toba Tek Singh

English Learning Centers/Schools in Toba Tek Singh

Toba tek singh is one of the city that belongs to the tehsil of toba tek singh and it comes under the roof of Punjab province. It was developed during the reign of Britishers at the end of 18th century. The British developed this place over canal and from then people all across the sub-continent came there and resided. This Tehsil all over comes in the district of Faisalabad. It has an area of 865 square miles. That makes it around 2240 kilometers square. It has an overall population of 1874 and it includes around 324 villages. The revenue of this place back then in 1905 was 4.7 lakhs. The area is very well placed and enriched in fertile soil. It is cropped whole year with rice and wheat. It has a very strong market for really important crops. Many things are exported from toba tek singh. Though this area can further increase in size and develop over communication and business by learning English language. Some of the schools are:

  • Prime Roots Public School
    Address: Hazoor Town, Canal Road, Toba Tek Singh
    Contact: (046) 2200642


  • Greenfield English Learning School
    Address: Near Jamia Masjid Al Noor, Toba Tek Singh, Gojra Rd.
    Contact: (046) 2000883

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