Cooking/Baking Classes in Talagang

Talagang is one of the small tehsils that is located in the district of Chakwal. Talagand is one of the tehsils that contains the fauji foundation hospital at the place known as DANDA SHAH Bilawal. This tehsil is about 30 kilometers away from motorway. The postal code of this city is 48100. The population of this tehsils is all Muslims. People are usually religious and they are divided into different sects. They have some beautiful mosques such as Basti mosque and muhal mosque. It has many other development programs working in the city and has developed over time, but due to low population and less importance given due to political reasons it has been on the shorter side of massive development projects, though its area is developed by hospital and many secondary schools. It is turning out to be most educated district in Punjab over the time. Some of the cooking and baking schools are:

  • Rehmaniya Cooking Center
    Address: Mianwali – Talagang Rd, Talagang
    Contact: (0543) 487123

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