English Learning Centers/Schools in Sheikupura

Sheikhupura iis one of the regions that is situated in the porivnce of Punjab, it has its home office in the city of sheikhupura. As indicated by the registration that occurred in 1998 it has populace around 3321029 and it is 25.45% urbanized. It is near Lahore and comes in the edges of it. This city has numerous different things, for example, chronicled places, horticultural land and mechanical places as well. Sheikhupura is likewise rich in the social esteems and contains Punjabi verse too. Essentially sheikhupura was made in 1607 for the sake of jehangir whose name was sheikhoo also, he has his qila sheikhupura situated here too. The first name had a place with jahangirpura however later moved toward becoming sheikhupura. Concerning the students of history this city was extremely close to the indus valley human advancement and consequently it is trusted that it additionally has rich reserve funds in the dirt. This city was attacked by many individuals however the well known was Aryans who ran sack this city. With that one of the domain known as Achaemenes Empire existed in 331 BC. Later Alexander is additionally accepted to walk this land. Numerous kingdoms created on this city, for example, Gupta Empire. The English learning schools in Sheikhupura are:

  • The Smart Academy
    Address: 90-A, Civil Lines, Johar Rd, Sheikhupura
    Contact: 0331 4057640
  • Allied School
    Address: Service Rd, Sheikhupura
    Contact: 0333 4742363
  • Dar e Arqam
    Address: Hiran Minar Rd, Sheikhupura
    Contact: 0346-7865190
  • National English Academy
    Address: Hiran Minar Rd, Sheikhupura
    Contact: 0321-7923415

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