CSS Preparation Academy in Sheikhupura and their Contact Number

Sheikhupura is a well reputed industrial city of Pakistan as the city is referred as “The Rice Valley” of Subcontinent and capital of Sheikhupura District in the province of Punjab about 40 km northwest of Lahore in Pakistan. It is the 16th largest city of Pakistan. The name of the town and its fort was changed to Sheikhupura from earlier Virkgarh, deriving from a nickname of Jahangir, who was known as Sheikhu by his father Akbar the Great. The city serves as a headquarter of Sheikhupura District.

The people of Sheikhupura has to travel to bigger cities for sake of basic necessities not available in their own city. For example for better studies and better environment people send their children to Lahore, so they can get better education and have a bright future. The people from Sheikhupura who are interested in taking CSS exams move to Lahore or Islamabad to get better guidance. The approachable academy in Sheikhupura is:

CSS Coaching Centre Sheikhupura
Address: Jinnah Park Near Civil Hospital Sheikhupura
39350 Sheikhupura
Contact: 0334 4076263

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